An Ounce of Prevention
Linda Louise Rigsbee
Copyright 2015, Linda Louise Rigsbee
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Carmen thinks that she and Alex are not giving their children enough attention. Alex is wrapped up in work at his veterinary clinic and she is busy with their American Wildlife Safari business. Her solution is to take a vacation in another state – Arizona, to be specific. Alex has agreed to go, but his heart isn’t in it.

Traveling with four children and a reluctant husband is difficult enough, but Carmen is unprepared and in unfamiliar territory. Too late, she realizes her research is inadequate.

When Carmen and Alex accidentally observe a drug deal and are captured, their entire family is threatened. They must work together to escape and rescue their children.

Book 7 of the Carmen & Alex Series
Clean Romance Novels
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“An Ounce of Prevention is the seventh in the popular Carmen and Ales series of clean romance novels.

Carmen is an old-fashioned Arkansas wife who appreciates her husband’s tendency to take control of things. Alex is an attentive husband and a great father, but lately he has been preoccupied with his veterinarian clinic. Carmen is a stay-at-home mom, but her time has been consumed with their American Wildlife Safari business.

Carmen thinks their children are not getting enough attention, so she comes up with the idea of a family vacation – in Arizona.

Never having planned a vacation before, she hasn’t done the right research. A reluctant husband and four children in a van for hundreds of miles should be punishment enough for that, but she faces unexpected issues with hotel accommodations and routes. Reviving a romance is impossible.

Just as things finally settle down and they are beginning to enjoy their vacation, Carmen and Alex accidentally observe a drug deal and are captured.
Carmen realizes that the disaster could have been prevented by listening to Alex but it is too late to do that. Somehow they must escape and rejoin their children – but how?


After nine years of marriage and four children, Carmen and Alex are beginning to take each other for granted. Worse, the enthusiasm they have for their jobs may result in less attention for their children. Carmen decides that a vacation will break them both free of their routines and provide quality time with their children.

Alex is nearing his 40th birthday and feeling inadequate. Clients at his veterinary clinic are increasing in number and they are already short-handed. It isn’t a good time to take a vacation, but Carmen is right. Time will not materialize on its own. They must make the time.

Carmen has never planned a vacation before. In fact, she’s never been out of Arkansas except to visit relatives in Texas. Alex doesn’t want to go and the children want to hurry up and get there. The hotels and the routes aren’t what she expects them to be. Romance is impossible and the trip takes longer than she anticipated. The only thing that has gone as planned is that their routine has been broken.

When they finally reach their destination and begin to enjoy themselves, Carmen and Alex accidentally observe a drug deal and wind up being captured. It’s a good thing they have had nine years of learning to work together, because working together is their only chance to escape and reunite with their children.